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Fielda. Operations simplified!

Fielda streamlines field operations. A no-code platform that helps your business collect field data without effort, and manage workflow, data sharing, collaboration, and reporting seamlessly from a mobile device.

Why dozens of operations-intensive companies rely on Fielda!

Reduced turnaround time through rapid field data collection

No data management mess

Better communication and collaboration

Real-time business insights

Compliance adherence through proper documentation and reviews

Improved bottom-line with increased team performance and lower operations costs

Fielda is everywhere!

Leaders from almost every operations-intensive industry count on Fielda for end-to-end automation.

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Case Study
Field Activity Management for an Electric utility

The field services resources had to follow heavy paperwork with printouts of excel sheets as they inspected systems. In addition, compliance with regulatory requirements was becoming a challenge.

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Case Study
Major Gas co-op managing Field Assets through Fielda

Cloud-based Field Activity Management solution for Rockyview Gas increases field asset management efficiency.

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Case Study
Activity Management for a Major Gas Co-op

As the inspector creates a record, the application notified the relevant users in real-time.

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