Our Professional Services team is here to help you get the most out of Fielda. Our Technical staff can assist with Setup and Deployment, Integrations, construction of complex forms and workflows, GIS integration (including map layers), Custom reporting, and more.

Customize Forms & Reports

You can create Custom Forms and Reports specific to your organization and process. Through customization, you can configure the data collection processes and improve business insights within your organization.

  • Build complex forms with elements like conditional logic, data events, and calculation capabilities.
  • Create customized reports that are unique to your project or business
  • Create customized Activities and Projects
Workflow Management

Configure Custom Workflows

Fielda Professional Services team can help you create the customized work assignments, and notification flows you need. In addition, we can help with creating complex tasks with multiple workflow conditions to meet your needs. As a result, our consultants can eliminate repetitive work, remove bottlenecks, reduce errors, and increase productivity across multiple projects.

  • Automate your process and eliminate Manual Intervention, Notifications, and Alerts
  • Improves Collaboration through automated notifications and work assignments
  • Improves Team efficiency

GIS Integrations

Our Professional Services team is highly skilled in GIS integrations. Whether it’s ArcGIS, NiSC, SEDC, or other GIS solutions, we can integrate it with Fielda. Our geospatial capabilities can provide map layers, lines, and polygons, and more. These maps are available offline, so your team will not have trouble using them in the remotest locations.

  • Get a single dashboard view of all your data
  • Incorporate map layers into Fielda
  • Manage project or activity areas through lines and polygons
  • Import/Export GIS data to/from multiple systems

Data Integration & Analytics

Get more from Fielda and your data by integrating with other systems. Based on your technology stack, the Fielda Professional Services team helps you connect and integrate all data sources through your organization to provide powerful business insights. Integrations will allow you to gain “one true source” of data.

  • APIs Integration with 3rd Party or Proprietary application.
  • Integrate with Salesforce, ArcGIS, NiSC, SEDC, and more
  • Create a single dashboard view of all your data
  • Import/Export data from multiple systems

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