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Hospitality Inspections – Empowering Operations for Consistent Quality and exceptional guest experience.

Whether the hotel entrance needs some sprucing up or the tools in the central kitchen that need replacing, high-quality hotel management relies on observing the details and conducting thorough inspections of infrastructure, staff, and processes. Hospitality inspections cover a whole gamut of audits spanning the Lobby, Restaurant, Kitchen, Staff facilities, Pool, Spa, Guest feedback forms, Conference halls, etc. Companies need rigorous and reliable ways to document and review these inspection observations for proper operational hygiene.

Housekeeping Checklists

Hotel staff follow established guidelines and checklists when they conduct housekeeping routines. These include making the bed, changing towels, cleaning the bathroom, using air fresheners, and replacing amenities like tea bags, stationery, ice buckets, drinking cups, laundry bags, tissue rolls, etc. In addition, when conducting inspections, housekeeping supervisors use checklists to cover all these details, from cleaning, dusting, and sanitizing to consumables stock tracking and housekeeping task logs.

Safety Checklists

Safety is crucial for hotel and resort operators. Especially in extensive facilities, small risks may go unnoticed, or staff may become lax, which can have serious repercussions. Safety violations can threaten life and property and damage the hotel’s brand name. The consequences of safety breaches are also financial. Regulatory bodies conducting audits can slap hefty fines and penalties on hotels not maintaining the minimum safety standards in all aspects of their facility, infrastructure, people, and process management. Typical fire equipment and safety inspections cover a multitude of items, including electrical systems, heating, ventilation, and cooling systems, parking garage areas, swimming pools, doors, exits and elevators, plumbing systems, kitchen and cleaning equipment, fire safety devices and alarm systems, storage units, warehouses, food storage and preparation practices, etc.

Security Inspections

While much emphasis is placed on customer experience and more visible facilities, hotels must also take care of the many less obvious elements of running a large facility, such as security infrastructure and processes. For example, security inspections usually include general audit security and crowd control protocols, emergency handling practices and training, security infrastructure such as CCTV cameras and safety alarm systems, visitor identification checking and validation, and cash and valuables storage and management. In addition, security teams must always stay alert even when no risks seem apparent. These checklists help supervisors keep a tight watch on the security standards that must be consistently maintained.

Parking operations tracking

Manage, report, and document all parking operations. Capture location, license and car image, parking lot number, and parking area condition on any mobile device. Integrate that information for each access by the front desk, valet, and management staff. Generate reports on usage, efficiency, and vehicle details to gain insight into peak times, vehicle sizes, and placement/recovery speeds.

Collaborate Seamlessly with Hospitality Inspections App

Whether getting teams to share data within a location or consolidating information among group hotels and resorts, manual information sharing can cause significant delays and impact operational efficiency. With Fielda, your operations team can design unique workflows to suit your company’s business needs and decide precisely what information should go to whom, how your data must flow between departments, and what data access protocols must be followed. Silo data sharing enables you to prevent redundant data from overwhelming a specific team so they can receive information updates relevant to their function. Staff can also sign documents digitally, review reports collectively, and collaborates based on the logical workflow you determine.

Gain Insights to Improve Competitive Edge by Hospitality Inspections App

Fielda’s cloud-based technology enables you to collect and manage data in real-time without the hassles and costs of large-scale data management. You can review inspection reports, task status updates, key metrics, and unresolved issues which need immediate attention via digital dashboards for complete operational oversight. This can help you make informed decisions, improve processes, reduce waste, and streamline tasks for improved efficiency. As a result, you are better equipped to enable regulatory compliance and lower costs with complete control of metrics and valuable insights.

We have helped many companies leverage the power of going digital. Their paperless initiatives see tremendous ROI and visible improvements in business metrics through optimized operations. Connect with us here to schedule a discussion with our team. We’d be happy to understand your field data management processes and explore how we can help.

Site Safety Inspection

Inspect construction sites for safety according to OSHA requirements. Check equipment, systems, and processes and identify potential hazards in construction tools, electrical systems, construction materials, etc…