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Drive Compliance & Inspection optimization faster with lower costs

Engineering firms have diverse compliance and inspection needs. Whether your customer projects include roadways, environmental impact, bridges, or even transportation asset management, Fielda can ensure faster, accurate, and integrated inspection data. Our no-code platform can be customized to meet any inspection type. Combine the power of real-time mobile data collection, GIS, reporting, workflow management, and integration in one solution.

Adhere to Regulatory Compliance requirements with greater ease.

Fielda ensures that all your projects are compliant. Environmental, Structural, and Infrastructure Compliance are all covered with Fielda. Our mobile data capturing feature ensures that all the data (asset information, location, images, videos, and more) captured and stored securely in the cloud and readily available for any sort of audit. You can also send the data to your internal systems with Fielda through integration. Our solution is customizable to meet any inspection or compliance need.

Fielda can help you comply with

Minimize downtime.

Using Fielda, organizations can proactively monitor systems to identify and mitigate asset failures. Proactive maintenance can improve asset availability and minimize asset downtime. Repairs and remediation items can be identified, document, and automatically assigned to the proper staff to be addressed quickly.

Fielda can provide

Improve and optimize maintenance procedure

Fielda provides business insights about your assets. Using the data from every asset or project, you can identify areas that can be tweaked to identify cost opportunities and optimize your assets.

Fielda can help you comply with

Construction Equipment Inspection Template

Conduct a comprehensive review of tools and heavy equipment ranging from cranes, derricks, dump trucks, and loaders to scrapers, pavers, graders, etc. Audit systems, consumables, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)…

Case Study

Field Activity Management for an Engineering

The field services resources had to follow heavy paperwork with printouts of excel sheets as they inspected systems. In addition, compliance with regulatory requirements was becoming a challenge.